A downloadable game

Hold On is the first game of a project titled All That Remains, a series of digitally mediated reflections on the Syrian crisis.

An interactive, abstract visual metaphor for trying to maintain one's community during the vicissitudes of war, players cling tightly what they hold dear as war tears them apart.

As they try to protect the pieces of their life, forces beyond their control seek to rend these pieces from their care and destroy them.

As players try to defend their green companions from ominous red orbs bent on destruction and a degrading environment, the player is confronted with the helplessness of holding on to a life falling apart. The players will realize that, if they hope to save anything, they can't save everything.

Install instructions

The zip file contains two version of the game: one for Mac and one for PC. It is meant to be played with a PlayStation controller.


Hold On - PC and Mac.zip 362 MB